Veterans Benefits

Registered veterans of the liberation struggle for independence who have met the qualifying criteria will benefit from one or more of the benefits that has been identified as having the potential to positively contribute towards uplifting their living conditions.

1. Provision of Financial Assistance

The purpose of financial assistance is to assist veterans of the liberation struggle to afford the basic necessities of life in order to sustain themselves and their families. The assistance is given to registered veterans. Eligible veterans receives N$2200.00 per month, which may be increased from time to time.

2. Funding of Individual Veterans Projects

Any registered veteran qualifies for the funding of a project of his/her own choice. Currently, the office can assist a veteran with project funding for an amount up to a maximum of not more than N$200 000.00 per project. This means that the veteran will receive funding as from N$1000.00 etc. Individual Veterans Project refers to all types of business activities with an economic value, that are undertaken by veterans to either generate income or contribute to the improvements of their livelihood or that of their families as well as contributing to the economic development of the country.

3. Provision of Houses to Veterans

Any eligible veteran of the liberation struggle for independence who met the criteria of the housing benefit can apply for housing benefit from the Veterans Affairs. The housing benefit refers to houses provided to the veterans of the national liberation struggle as a token of appreciation for their contribution towards the country’s independence.

4. Provision of Land for Resettlement

All veterans are eligible for land resettlement except in cases where one was already resettled under the national resettlement programme of the government or where one has enough land from which to undertake economic activities that would result in improving their livelihood. Land means “a piece of land where a veteran is able to carry out meaningful economic activities which significantly contributes to the improvement of his/her standard of living”.

5. Educational and Training Grant

The educational and Training Grant will be paid to eligible veterans and dependents of veterans to pursue academic or vocational training at accredited institutions of higher learning in Namibia and within the SADC region. The Educational Grant of N$ 25 000.00 will be allocated on an annual basis and will cover costs for the following or as indicated by the applicant:

  • Registration, and Tuition and Levies
  • Boarding Fees
  • Text book and study material
  • Travelling expenses
  • Practical or research equipment
  • Stipend
  • Insurance (Medical cover)

6. Provision of Funeral and Erection of Tombstone Grant

The Office of the Vice President, Veterans Affairs has the responsibility to provide Funeral Assistance to a deceased veteran whose funeral may require such assistance. The total cost for funeral assistance shall not exceed N$20 000.00. Veterans who have a funeral cover through another Government Ministry shall only be assisted with the difference of the above stated amount.

7. Provision of Medical Assistance

Veterans of the National Struggle for Liberation and whose health conditions are as a result of their participation in the struggle will be assisted with medical expenses. If it is proven that required treatment is not available at State Health Facilities, only then can private health facilities be used. Under the regulations of the Hospitals and Health Facilities Act, 1994 veterans are to receive free or subsidized treatment at State Health Facilities.

8. Provision of Counseling Services

The struggle for independence was long and bitter, and the effect of the war has left many with economic, health, social and psychological problems. Veterans who returned from deployment mainly suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression and are likely to find it difficult to assimilate back into civilian and family life style. In addition, most of those who returned from exile suffered secondary trauma due to unexpected changes in their family and social circumstances. Therefore, transition depends upon their experiences, interrelationship, support system and counselling services in society. Psychological counseling is one of the responsibilities of the Office of the Vice President, Veterans Affairs. The task of psychological counselling is daunting and very challenging especially when it comes to counselling those who have known only life of war for most of the part of their lives. Socio-economic integration into society thus become challenging, emphasizing the importance of psychosocial counselling to veterans.

9. Payment of a Once-Off Gratuity

The Government of the Republic of Namibia has introduced different ways of recognizing the veterans’ contribution to the national liberation struggle. One form of this recognition is the payment to all veterans of a once-off gratuity (lump sum). The lump sum or gratuity is a once-off payment of an amount of money paid to veterans as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the liberation struggle of Namibia.