NDF Training Establishment (NDF TE) formerly known the Military school was established in 1979 as the "SWA Military School" by the South West African Territorial Forces during the South African administration of Namibia.   The school is the primary training institutions of the Namibian Defence Force based at the Osona Military base and offers a variety of courses. The school offers a six-month basic military training (BMT) to all recruits wanting a career in the Namibian Defence Force. The school also conducts training for all officer cadets in the force.



The NDF TE mission is to provide training to all members of the Namibian Defence Force, enhanced their knowledge and skills in order to up bring and maintain the required standard of professionalism in NDF.


Key objectives:

To train the highest possible standard, those officers, warrant officers, NCO's, men and women who attend courses at the school in order that they be able to fully carry out their assigned tasks and duties. To make training the first priority, maximum participation by all members of the school and the academic and excellence in teaching.



The NDF TE intends to remain a well motivated, discipline, efficient and effective military training institution professionally led and managed, providing real and valued training, knowledge and skills to trainees thus becoming the Centre of Exellence, while making a significant contribution to the development of the Namibian Defence Force.

Military School